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Alexander Thom

Thom's Directories (1844-2013)

Thom's Publication Limited has been placed in a members' voluntary liquidation and is being closed down. Mr Tony McBride of FLC Frank Lynch & Co. has been appointed liquidator.

Restrictions and regulations placed on Thom's regarding the updating and maintenance of its database by legislation over the past number of years have made it impossible to justify the investment required to continue in business.

Note that although Thom's online directory will remain available to existing users for a limited period, credits are not available for purchase.

Thom's Stock of Directories
Thom's Publications Limited's remaining stock of directories is now offered for sale at the following large discounts:
Thom's Directory on CD 2013 €50.00
Thom's Dublin Street Directory 2012 €50.00
Thom's Dublin Street Directory 1970-2011 €35.00
Thom's Dublin Street Directory 1962-69 €90.00
Thom's Commercial Directory 1964-2009 €35.00
Thom's Directory Ireland* 1931-58 €75.00
Thom's Dublin Directory 1931-58 €50.00
*includes Dublin Directory

(All prices include delivery within Ireland. Thom's is no longer registered for VAT which is not charged.)

Older directories are in a used condition. Note that no copies are available for some years and for other years the stock may be extremely limited.

Order by email
To place an Order or submit an inquiry about a purchase, send an email to, put Order in the subject line, state the directory or directories of interest, the postal address for delivery and a telephone number at which you may be contacted to confirm sale and arrange payment.

Thom's Directory on CD 2013 contains all listings of 770,000 residential entries and 100,000 business entries including entries from Dublin and Cork and over 160 other towns. This CD, which is in read only format, is fully searchable by name, address and by category (business listings only).

Thom's Dublin Street Directory 2012 is the last hardback directory to be published. It lists the 528,000 business & residential occupiers on 13,066 streets in Dublin city & county and Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Thom's Commercial Directory 2009 is the last hardback Commercial Directory to be published. This directory lists 105,000 businesses in TonyDublin, Cork, Galway & Limerick and 160 other towns together with Street Directories for Cork, Galway, Limerick & Athlone and 26 towns in counties Louth, Meath, Kildare & Wicklow.

Thom's Online Directory is now closed to new users and will continue to be available to existing registered users only for a limited period.

Alexander Thom (1801-1879)
Founder of Thom's Directories first published "Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory" in 1844.

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