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The cost of Searches has been reduced to a minimum of just 5 credits or 51 cent (plus VAT!)

If you are an existing account holder, please login below:


If you are not a current account holder and wish to set up an account please click below.

After you create an account you may purchase credits as follows:

100 Credits - € 15.00 plus VAT

500 Credits - € 75.00 plus VAT

1000 Credits - € 130.00 plus VAT

2000 Credits - € 240.00 plus VAT

5000 Credits - € 500.00 plus VAT

VAT (Value Added Tax) charged at 23% where applicable.

Credits may be purchased online or by sending payment to Thom's Publications Limited at 7 Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin 2.

Each search costs a minimum of 5 credits. Each credit cost 10 to 15 cent plus VAT depending on the number of credits purchased. The User may then select the number of "Records" per page and elect to view a page. Each "Record" displayed will cost an additional 1 credit. Business listings may be downloaded in Excel csv format at a cost of 1 credit per entry downloaded. Where an entry has been displayed no additional charge will be incurred.

The last purchase of credits must be within nine months to enable access to the on-line data base.

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